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Long-Term Care Insurance

A secure financial future involves protecting your financial independence from the potential costs associated with long-term care. Statistics indicate 70% of all Americas over the age of 65 will incur long-term care expenses before they die and more than 50% of the entire U.S. population will also have long-term care expenses. Of those entering nursing homes, 50% will have an average stay of 2.7 years.

In 2010, the national average cost for nursing homes was $83,585.00 per year, for a private room; assisted living facilities cost $35,052.00 per year and home health care has risen to an average of $41,184.00 per year.

Long-Term Care Insurance Benefits

Is the protection against the erosion of your estate important to you? Is the protection of your standard of living important? Where will you go and who will take care of you, if you are no longer able to take care of yourself? Long-term care planning is an integral part of your financial plan because it not only addresses personal issues but it provides solutions to paying these costs.

Arizona Investment Alliance Financial Group, Inc. will assist you in identifying the impact of potential long term care needs. In addition, we can help you make informed decisions about what kind of coverage and features to be included in a comprehensive insurance plan. The consequences of failing to incorporate long-term care in your planning, especially when approaching retirement, can be financially catastrophic. It is our goal to safeguard and preserve your assets and retirement funds with the proper use of long-term care insurance.