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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an effective and efficient method of helping those you care about maintain their quality of life by shielding them from the financial consequences of your premature death. We provide life insurance planning services which, based on your personal needs and objectives, will provide solutions to enhance your peace of mind and secure the future for your surviving family.

Life Insurance Benefits

Benefits can be used to provide income for your family, to fund a child's education, eliminate debt, as well as provide income for your spouse. In addition to an income tax-free death benefit, certain policies can help you satisfy future goals with the accumulation of cash values while deferring taxes on the growth of this liquid asset.

Arizona Investment Alliance Financial Group, Inc. offers a Life Insurance Policy Audit for those with existing insurance coverage. When you first obtained your insurance, certain assumptions were made; assumptions about interest rates, cost of insurance and policy expenses. However, over the last several years mortality rates have improved, resulting in lower cost of insurance. Many policies are under-performing and may lapse due to a reduction in crediting interest rates. As your financial needs change, coverage may be too much or too little. Proper owner and beneficiary arrangements may need updating. A complimentary Policy Audit or review by AIAFG, Inc., will confirm that your current coverage is performing according to your objectives and original intentions.