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Disability Income Insurance

A well-rounded financial plan should protect your most important asset. It's not your home, car or retirement nest's your ability to earn a living.

Your income is your largest and most significant asset. The financial consequences of a lengthy disability could cost you your home, prevent you from putting your children through college or maintaining your present lifestyle.Yes, it could even affect your future retirement.

Benefits of Disability Income Insurance

Disability income insurance offers an extra layer of financial protection by replacing your income in the event of a disabling injury or illness. Even if you receive coverage though your employer, it will only cover a portion of your income and it may be taxable, which further reduces its benefit. Retaining your own coverage gives you more control and will help in satisfying your financial objectives if your paycheck should stop due to an unforeseen disability.

Arizona Investment Alliance Financial Group, Inc. will help you determine the amount you need, the length of time before benefits begin and the period for which benefits will be paid. As an independent agency, we will provide you with options from several companies and help you select the proper policy features and benefits specific to your situation.